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  • Using Gape for filesystem change notifications


    Simple recursive filesystem notifier that writes to local or remote syslog servers.
    Compiled version can be found in the bin directory. It was compiled on Debian Jesse, but will
    probably work on any other distribution.
    It currently logs any notifications that are known to work
    on any operating system …

  • Installing Mod Security WAF in Apache Virtualhosts

    modsecurity logo

    Mod security is a plugin that will enable a so called WAF in Apache. In this case I'll be working on Debian, but this applies to other distributions as well. A Waf is an application level firewall for HTTP that checks the requests from clients and optionally the responses from …

  • First Post ever on my blog

    Just a pic I took in a MC Donalds in San Francisco Just a pic I took in a MC Donalds in San Francisco.


    I've always wanted to do a first post, so now I finally can. My name is Floris, but most people call me Flo. In this blog I will describe most of my adventures in setting up "stuff …