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Just a pic I took in a MC Donalds in San Francisco Just a pic I took in a MC Donalds in San Francisco.


I've always wanted to do a first post, so now I finally can. My name is Floris, but most people call me Flo. In this blog I will describe most of my adventures in setting up "stuff". In daily life I'm a technical consultant. Sounds neat, but in essence it means that you're supposed to know everything about everything. Since for the most part technical jobs in computers and datacentre technology means finding out, researching and trying to setup stuff. If you're like me you probably run

./configure ; make ; make install
and after that you start reading the docs and trie to find out why the hell it failed.

In this blog I will try to give some insight in what I do for a living. Chances are that there is a lot of stuff popping up that you already know, but there also might be new stuff for you (like for me).

I will try to cover a broad array of subjects, ranging from security, networking, Linux, DevOps tooling like Puppet, Docker, Openstack and Kubernetes. In a former life I have been a trainer for Redhat, Puppet and A10 Networks. I've written software for a company that I co-own named Grid6 The current product is a high volume modulair log server that stores it's data in a NOSQL database for easy search. I wrote that version in C, but I'm in the process of porting it to GOLANG. It's current use with customers is mainly the telco world for aggregating carrier grade NAT log messages. But it could be used anywhere where high volume logging persistence is required.

My current gig is at a customer where I'm setting up a WAF and I will share information how to do that soon. I've also just released software for Global Server Loadbalancing, which I will announce soon (after testing :)